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C O A B Discography

First LP: Heaven’s Cycle     Release Date: 12th March 2004

Singles: None

Track List:

  1. Your Starter For Ten

  2. Riding High

  3. Funky Once More

  4. Aspire

  5. She's Effected

  6. Holy Water Bottle

  7. This Is The Way

  8. A Cab For Mr. Hendrix

  9. South Park Stomp

  10. Different Bibliography


  1. Trip And Stumble

  2. Cycling Fer Jesus

  3. Between You And Me

  4. Sing

  5. In The Still Of The Night

  6. Tonight You're Mine

  7. Jesus Stomp*

  8. Another False Start*

  9. More Funky Flip Flops*

  10. Splish Splash Stomp*

*Bonus Tracks

Songwriters: Holly Ghast & Chris Sakes

Band Members: Chris Sakes, Holly Ghast, Sonny O'Father and Trinity Rocks

Background to LP

The band had started out as a jokey pretend act that the two members would fabricate so that chat-room file sharers might be allowed to share the songs that were made available.

Initially, this was just going to be a few songs that would be used to hoodwink the sharers, but the idea of a full LP came about as Chris realised that Holly had a huge amount of untapped tunes available, and they were all of excellent production quality despite the fact that the majority of them never went for more than one minute.

Chris then took a few of the shorter songs that stood out and expanded them with extra sounds and additional vocals in some cases. He also decided to limit his own contribution to the best of the few songs he had created over time, and added the different versions he had as additional tracks at the end.

Although the original plan was to just produce a few songs the full listing had soon reached twenty. Next, a cover design was made by Holly from an idea by Chris of Victorian cycling clubs and their old penny farthing bikes. Then an original COAB logo was created by Holly, although this was not easy to reproduce in any large format. Still, “Heaven’s Cycle” was born 

The LP was added for the public to download along with the artwork for the CD sleeve which included a couple of fictitious band members in Sonny O' Father and Trinity Rocks! It soon reached quite a few down-loaders and at this stage although the band had no website, the idea of opening this to the outside public came about.

In actual fact, their first LP was trialled with friends as a CD late in the day with only a few people owning a copy, given away free. The response was good even from some actual musicians (a member of the band the comuta project said “it showed real promise but there were obvious composition errors in some songs”). This view was perfectly acceptable as Chris had realised his songs when compared to Holly’s experienced production work was way too inferior. He just needed to practice more! Something, he later become fairly adept at.

The band now had a real beginning with an instant LP made from strands of songs drawn up years ago in some cases but what should they do next?

Well before they even thought about more work, they had to decide how far they could take this “thing”. The “thing” however took over them, as Chris soon set about reviewing more of Holly’s early tracks and prepared to produce more songs of his own, this time with better production techniques. Suddenly, there was no pretence with this band anymore, they were about to start work on a brand new set of songs and this time it was for real!


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