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C O A B Discography

Fourth LP: A Geminus Vita     Release Date: 9th October 2006


1. Scream For Daddy 3. I Can't Hear You Calling
2. Everytime 4. The Sun And The Moon/Watching The Stars 

Track List:

  1. (You Gotta) Get It Around (3:36)

  2. Scream For Daddy  (4:03)

  3. Hypnotise Me (6:26)

  4. The Sun And The Moon  (3:36)

  5. I Can't Hear You Calling  (3:33)

  6. Angelic (5:14)

  1. Keep The Wheels Turning   (5:46)

  2. Watching The Stars (5:55) [on SE LP (3:52)]

  3. Emotions And Dreams (4:49)

  4. Everytime (6:29)

  5. Friends (3:47)

  6. We're Gonna Have A Funky Time (5:59)

Special Edition LP (Edizione Speciale) Bonus Tracks

  1. Everybody Move Now (5:44)

  2. Helena On The Shoreline (4:32)

  1. Soy Estrella (I Am Star) (4:09)

  2. Oh Baby, Come On (7:04)

Songwriter: 1-14 Chris Sakes except 3 & 8 Chris Sakes & Holly Sakes

Background to LP

After the fantastic success of "The Beat Conductor" LP which was extremely well-received by all including reviews of tracks by the music paper New Music Express (NME) and even journalists in Italy and musicians in America, there really was a "mountain to climb" to better it!

But with more than four songs already left off or too late for the LP that could so easily have gone on the LP, it wasn't without possibility that the band could come up with some equally commercial or dance anthems to match the likes of "The Sun Is Shining Bright", "Pushing, Pushing", "Open Your Mind" and the title song. So, with "Wotcha Wanna Do?", "Touch", "I Can't Hear You Calling" and several versions of "NY-LON" as a starter from the last LP, the band set out to record new songs in January 2006.

By March 06, the band has slated "NY-LON 2" has a single but then decided not to release it as they had already had almost 12 songs, two of which, "Scream For Daddy" (track 5) and "We're Gonna Have A Funky Time" (track 12) were potential singles. In fact, the band had begun to branch out into recording songs from several different genres. having already shown they could re-mix in a rap.hip-hop style, The band begun recording in a more soulful, RnB and jazz type sound. At this time they had two rock/pop songs in "Keep The Wheels Turning" (track 7)and "(You Gotta) Get Around" (track 1), the former of which was first heard on internet radio station "New Artist Radio". Christ On A Bike on the radio!

Chris was working mainly with old 80's style samples and was tempted to add his own vocals to many of the songs as some of them were more fast pieces in some cases rock oriented. He actually produced several instrumentals too like "Angelic" (track 6) "Another Day On The Yorkshire Moors" plus "Soldier, Soldier" (this song is a free download in the downloads page). around this time also came the entrancing "Friends" (track 11) with it's sampled old lady and that sweeping choral vocals that lead a beautiful set of smooth synths in terrific tune. Sweet and pure!

Holly was also back recording which was good for the band as she had concentrated on her own personal trainer work and left the songs to Chris for the last LP. Chris then hit a real purple patch, recording a new version of "I Can't Hear You Calling" (track 5), as well as the track "I've Been Imagining You (Nekkid)" which was to be a take on the single "Nekkid" from last year.

However, he also recorded the fantastic pop songs in "The Sun And The Moon" (track 4) plus "Watching The Stars" (track 8). Both songs have beautiful lilting female vocals and the latter was remixed by Holly later which helped to make it so catchy. Then in April came even more songs, many of which are now to be included in two new LPs (see later). Amongst these though was "Emotions And Dreams" (track 9) which was trance-like tune but in a slow style using speeded up vocals, something seen a lot recently with rap songs.

The final two songs that were recorded around May 06 and listed for the LP were Holly scored "Hypnotise Me" (track 3) which Chris remixed for the LP and the enormous single "Everytime" (track 10). This trance tune released as the second single and reached No.19 in the Soundclick dance chart online and was heavily played each day. The original version is heard here.


As already mentioned, the band recorded a load more songs, in all there are about 30 more tracks which many will appear on an LP of instrumental/left-field types of tracks this year. Plus a series of soul/R n' B, jazz genre songs which Holly will be checking over for an LP provisionally entitled "Soulful".

However, a further four songs were added to a "special edition" of the LP which will be on sale only here on this website. These four songs are not "left-overs", three of them were specially recorded for this special edition, whilst "Oh Baby, Come On" (track 16) is a version of a remix which was done for American House DJ/producer, Cassandra Allen, and her song "Give Me Some Love". "Everybody Move Now" (track 13) is a real dance stormer and fully desrves its place as a track here or even a single on its own. "Helena On The Shoreline" (track 14) is a very beautiful classical piece. moody and atmospheric, whilst "Soy Estrella (I Am Star)" (track 15) is a rip roaring track with real presence.


To read more about the singles from this and other LPs go to the Singles sections.


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